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Challenger HuD

Something i have been working for few days i hope you will like this 😀

here is download link –Challanger

Here are some more previews click img to enlarge:




  1. Hi there, I really love this HUD but with the new updates of the game, in the TAB screen it is imposible to see which dragons the team or the enemy team has killed. I hope you can read this comment and try to work on an update to solve this issue. Thank you a lot for giving us this theme!

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  2. I can see that the file is .wxy, not dds. I changed the extension to dds, and everything was black


  3. Hi RaYy23
    I’m a photoshop edittor that I’m learning some things about a proffessional use of this program, and I loved so much ur beautiful work. It’s pretty well-done. I was going to use it, and I have seen that I could improve a few things, but when I try to edit it, I can’t because it has .wxy extension and I can’t do this.
    If u could, pls send me the file with the eddited HUD in a .dds file or .png file to edit it, for future changes in the HUD and to improve it if I can.


  4. could u make a challenger loading border for me pls? ty so much, i ve been looking for this on wooxy for monthes


      • download wooxy
        download challenger hud
        unrar challenger hud
        click skins on wooxy
        click import skin
        click add package
        find the .wxy file you unrar’d (-challanger hud- v2.23) is the name
        select that file
        find it in the skins tab
        click it
        click install

        ayy lmao you’re done


  5. why i cant use Frozen map skin and this hud? it will deinstall 1 of these if i try to install T.T


  6. I can´t install it T-T. I go to +Import Skin > Add a Package > -Challanger HuD-) (WinRar file) and then it just doesn´t go forward. Just keeps the message “Opening Package” and nothing more :/


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