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Glacial Titan Alistar

Hey guys! I’m RustyTron and this is Glacial Titan Alistar, my first Chroma Skin. It features an Ice-themed variant of Infernal Alistar.

The download includes

  • Recoloured Skin Texture File
  • Edited Loading Screen File
  • No particles yet ­čśŽ May update in future if there’s interest

v1.2 Download Link Here

Thanks and enjoy! If you have any criticisms or feedback please comment or message me and I’ll be happy to make any changes┬ánecessary.



  • Completed Skin


  • Adjusted colour balance for clarity on Howling Abyss


    • I got it to work in game using the Wooxy client to import the skin, if you use it make sure after you add and save the skin you select it and press Install


      • i think i know now, i made a pretty big mistake :s sorry! i thought it worked for classic alistar but its only for Infernal Alistar (right?) so thats why its not working :p thx for helping though ^^ (btw i love the skin SOO much!)


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