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Underworld Riven

Dragonfire Skin

Base Skin


  • New particles, spell icons, model, textures and loading screen
  • Created by Crauzer

Additional Information

Sup, Crauzer here again with a new skin. This time I went with a new theme – Underworld

If you are wondering why some of the particles are a little bit purple, It is because I couldn’t find them in the game files

Download Link – Underworld Riven for Dragonfire skin

Download Link – Underworld Riven for Base Skin



  1. i think ur videos are wrong its the opposite first video is for base skin and second is for dragonblade riven because i installed the base skin and i got the one like in the first video


  2. I love this skin and your work is great! I really want a Lee Sin custom skin cuz i recently bought him and would like a skin for him. (there arent much lee sin custom skins on wooxy)

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