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Crauzer’s update #1 | Skin tiers and more…

Hi, Crauzer here, I wanted to let you all know what I’m currently working on since I haven’t been uploading many skins lately. This is the info that I can give you currently

So recently I have been working on some new skins and I decided to sort them by tiers [ Tiers dont need to include everything listed here ] :

• Low Tier : Texture. Particle change

• Medium Tier : Texture. Particle, Loading Screen, Spell Icons change

• High Tier : Texture. Particle, Loading Screen, Spell Icons, Sounds change

• Mega Tier : Particle, Loading Screen, Spell Icons, Sounds, Model change

Work with other people :

Recently I started to work with Nagiliant on a new skin [ yes it is going to be a remodel ] but I’m not promising anything




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