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Bumble Bee Kog’Maw

Hey everyone, I’m Atrix from Penta Q and this is my first skin! (Of many xD)

Bumble Bee Kog’Maw fitted with some Honey spitting action

Skin includes

  • Re texture for the Monarch Kog’Maw skin (BEEEEES)
  • Particles work with all skins (Yellow Honey)

(Battlecast and Lion Dance do not work with this)

Spotlight coming soon 😛










  1. I’ve got ‘Maw’ skins for Koggy in the works, I’ve noticed that Kog’Maw hasn’t received much attention (in terms of custom skins) in the past few years, so i’m gonna change that starting with this skin. Next Kog’Maw skin coming soon, notify me of any glitches in any of my skins please. Thank you!

    – Atrix

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    • Very nice to see KogMaw skins, even because I think they will make an update so he will be able to have 5 atk/sec, it will get a lot more popular, and these skins will be lovely to use together with Kog.

      I would like to ask if this skin works on base, because most players don’t have the paid monarch, and it would be best if you made your skins compatible with the base Kog.


      • Yes particles work with base (BEE TEXTURES DO NOT), can I update this post btw Yurixy? If so ill post a For base version 😀
        And yes when the rework is released I will update my skins.


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