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Team Rocket Zyra


Capture ADCs with this sweet Team Rocket Zyra skin!

Surrender now, or prepare to fight!

Team Rocket Zyra blasts off at the speed of light!

Hello! This is the second custom skin I make with the first one being Le Baguette/French Fiora, feel free to check it out!

Have you ever wanted to use poke-abilities to crush your opponents in Bottom or Middle lane? Well now you can with this brand new Zyra skin that ressembles Team Rocket from Pokemon and specifically Jessie! Play with it to bring back your childhood nostalgia from the most, maybe, favorite cartoon!


  • Brand new SKT T1 model for Classic Skin!
  • Pokemon themed cartoon skin!
  • Unfortunately there are no new loading screen and HUD icons because some of the Zyra .dds files are damaged, I hope this will be fixed soon.
  • New Plant/Seed textures coming soon!

Download and Install

You can easily install this skin with Wooxy.

How to install:

  1. Download Team Rocket Zyra.
  2. Open Wooxy.
  3. Go to Skin > Import Skin > Then Drop the .wxy file or select “Add Files” then find it and select it.
  4. If you completed the skin import, click the imported skin and select Install.


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