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[Teaser #2] PROJECT: Ekko

Hey everyone, alvsgaming again back with another update to my skin.

If you haven’t seen my first teaser go here: [Teaser #1] PROJECT: Ekko

Particles have been added and they are pretty spectacular!

All that’s left is the VO, and this skin is ready to go!



  1. Hey everyone, alvsgaming here.

    You can see that I still haven’t posted PROJECT: Ekko yet. I’m sorry.

    There are two reasons this has happened.

    The first reason is a personal family reason, and I have less time to work on it.

    The second reason is that the computer that had all the files broke down – that’s the model, particles, audio files, everything.

    Again, sorry for the long wait. I’ll finish everything in about two weeks at my current pace.

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  2. This skin looks so awesome! Better than any other Ekko skin Riot will probably think of. Will definitely get it as soon as it’s finished!


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