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Bat Teemo Man
Nanananananananana Teemoooooo!

Saw a few Batman Teemo’s on leaguecraft but they all used the basic Superteemo model, I added the spikes to his gloves/boots and his cape. Smoothened his headmodel and made a proper Teemo Batman, including his smoke bombs from the Arkham City game (though they aren’t the right shape). The loadscreen isn’t mine kudos to whomever made that!



    • Its easy dude just press the link below the pics and the press the arrow that goes down and then use wooxy to install the skin btw its rly nc skin 😀

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  1. The skin looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to change the models on some of the characters to make better skins like yours and I’m having lots of trouble changing the models and having them save.

    Do you think you could do a small tutorial on how to make minor detail changes like this one and what programs you use?


  2. His eyes should be white, and mushrooms – please remove that dotted line and keep only bat logo. other than that…. genius and awesome skin, seriously.

    Picture with suggestion/idea


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