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Arcade Ahri


Credits to AlvsGaming for the base files.

I wanted to make a new skin for Ahri as I decided to play her. So I decided on arcade and made everything rainbow. and it looks fantastic. the orb will pulsate between different colors and there are rainbows literally everywhere 10/10 particles




  1. Men , i want to do my own skin , something like ahri or yasuo converted to miketsukami soushi, but i have no idea where i should start , can u explain me a bit? :S


    • Im not the best to ask about that. I can only do recolors. I tried to change the model and failed miserably. You should ask mundonator. Notbsure if thats spelled right. Cant check right now.


    • I was actually doing that. but her files are so confusing i couldnt finish it. i cant find her particles and as i have it now when she throws the ball she visually keeps it as well. so I just gave up on it.


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