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Original Tristana Voice Over


This is Tristana Voice over from her release to her rework early this year. The VO is complete and will not be getting a version 2. If you have any questions, concerns, or requests please leave a comment down below.

Installation Info:  once you have downloaded this file all you have to do is drag and drop the .wxy file in to Wooxy and click the install button located under the version number.



  1. Can you make this work on EU servers ? I cant install this because it places the files in US folder :/ Or send me the files and ill place them in the folder myself.


  2. Just wanted to ask a favor if you could… Could you maybe upload the .wpk files of Karma, Karthus, and Trundle for me? My Wooxy is messed up so I can’t extract any files, and if I can’t do that, then I can’t make those 3 voice mods I’ve been wanting to make…


  3. Hi, I’m a custom skin maker too, and since I’m making a PROJECT:Ekko skin 😉 I need to change the sound files. How would I install the audio files into the game?


  4. Old Twitch VO and Old Tristana VO don’t want to instal.Wooxy talk that:
    “This skin can;t be installed because your game doesn’t use the same projects as this skin:
    Do smth with it pls!


    • hey man i am sorry but eune is not the only server that the mod does not work in, i am trying to find all the servers sound banks which can take some time i will not release another VO in till i find them all


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