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Original Nasus Voice Over

Hello again! As I said last post, here is my Original Nasus voice mod! It didn’t take nearly as long as the Sion one, since there was many less sounds to replace, so it’s already done pretty early.

Just an FYI: Much like the Sion one, somehow one or two files slipped under my attention when replacing the new voice, so I believe I have heard 2 new Nasus lines. Sorry about that 😦

Tomorrow I will probably begin working on an old Trundle Voice, followed by an old Karthus one.


To install, you select the “Skins” tab on Wooxy. You then select “Import Skin,” from here select “Add a File,” then select the desired “Nasus_Base_VO_Audio” file from the dropbox you downloaded. Feel free to comment if you find any bugs. See you all soon. 🙂



  1. First of all I have to say great work.
    But when I try to install it Wooxy says: “1 unsolved conflict” and when I try to fix it I have 2 options “DE_de” and “EN_gb” to patch it into. But after patching it into the german folder Nasus has no voice anymore.

    PS: Sorry for my bad english and I my LoL is patched on german


    • Sorry I only made this for the NA English version of LoL. 😦 If Nasus doesn’t have the old voiceover, then Nasus probably has more/less lines in the German version (for some reason) So sorry that you can’t use it 😦

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    • Yeah I’ve actually been working on some old voice overs. I am almost finished with Gangplank, Karthus, and Trundle. I was going to start working on Karma next, and I will start as soon as I can get a way for wooxy to work again. :\ It just stopped working for me, so it’s hard to do anything, but as soon as I’m finished with the 3 voice mods I mentioned, I will try to start working on Karma! Hopefully I can get it to wok again. 🙂


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