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Original Sion Voice over

Hello once again everyone! I’m back with another old-school LoL mod. This time, I have completed an old Sion voice pack. Over 100 sound files later and it’s finally done. I’d like to thank Ornochestror for his tutorial on this subject! Stay tuned, because VERY soon I will be releasing an old Nasus Voice over. 🙂


To install, you select the “Skins” tab on Wooxy. You then select “Import Skin,” from here select “Add a File,” then select the desired “Sion_Base_VO_Audio” file from the dropbox you downloaded. Feel free to comment if you find any bugs. See you all soon. 🙂



  1. How would you go about getting Sion’s old Sound effects (for his W, basic attacks, and what not.) Is it possible to put his old Ult’s sound on his new ult, and his old Q’s sound on his new E? Thanks 🙂


    • I would love to do that. Sadly, I don’t speak Spanish all that well, so I don’t think I’d be able to do it all that well. His old Latin American voice is great though. Also, replacing Sion’s files took almost 2 hours, and I might try it again if I get in the mood. Sorry if I don’t deliver. 😦


    • Sadly I don’t know where to get the files. I do have a beta version of LoL installed, but I can’t get any files. 😦 If you do manage to get the files I’ll be extremely grateful 🙂 I loved old Sion and I’d love for you to make that mod.

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    • Hey I thought I’d ask you one more thing (Hope you don’t mind lol) Where would I go about finding all sound effects? I know a website with all the sounds, but that website is still too new to have Nasus’ old voice. I really can’t find his death sounds anywhere.


  2. One other thing, I realized I accidently deleted one of newer Sion’s quotes, and forgot to replace it. I don’t remember the exact file name, but just be ready when you hear Sion shout “YOU ARE WORMS” after using his Q.


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