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Orange Juice Diana

Click on the image for full resolution.

Hi there, let me introduce myself. I’m Peponoko and I’m 26 years old, this is my first skin to publish and i wish u enjoy it as i do.
I was thinking on Diana throwing some orange juice. Why not? We all love orange juice!


  • Orange Juice themed Diana with black lines
  • Weapon with orange juice stains (hmm delicious)
  • New particle colors, abilities and AA effects


Orange Juice Diana by Peponoko.wxy

You can install it with Wooxy, just drag and drop the downloaded zip file inside the Skins window (if this does not work for you, use the import skin button) and click on the Install button.




  1. Hey peponoko, can you please tell me how the heck you managed to change the particle files? I made a Diana skin several years ago (I’ll post it here on the site when I get around to it) that had red particles.. but they no longer work, and it’s killing me, lol. I could never figure out how to change the colour of her Q crescent either!

    If you could let me know what .dds files you had to edit (and how the heck you found them.. -_- ) I’d appreciate it!!


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