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First Garena test versions for Wooxy

Hello hello, Chewy here!

Long time I hadn’t posted something and given news about what was happening to the Garena support for our skin installer Wooxy. So today I’m writing here to give you good news:

This week, I’ll be shipping the first version of the new Garena testing stage for Wooxy. Everyone that filled the form here will receive the instructions on how to install this test version.

But I’m already able to give you an important detail about it and also about the official version that will be released after the testing stage:

Wooxy will need “.NET Framework 4.5” which will only run on Windows Vista (and higher).

Meaning that people who are running on Windows XP won’t be able to use the latest Wooxy versions (that will include Garena support).

As for the first version, my tests indicated me that the installation/uninstallation processes are a bit slower than on a classic LoL. Moreover, the advanced option that was called “Delete files” won’t be available for Garena users (because the way Garena LoL works makes it impossible to do).

The objective of this first test version is to fix quickly the big bugs that could occur (there’ll be bugs, for sure) and also to know how the Garena updater would react to a modded game (something I haven’t tested yet).

So stay tuned, everything will start this week!

You can still participate to the Garena testing stage by filling the form here

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