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Zen Sona

Today we end our Sona week. For this final skin, I wanted to make a variation of the Flower Sona, but in a more relaxing and different way, also including some new particles. Here is Zen Sona  – the final skin of Sona Week.


  • Foliage textured clothes with violet borders
  • Black instrument with a floral texture
  • Pure black hair with blue details
  • New particle colors, including all spells and basic attack
  • Click the pictures to see them in full size



Zen Sona by Yurixy.wxy

You can install it with Wooxy, just drag and drop the downloaded zip file inside the Skins window (if this does not work for you, use the import skin button) and click on the Install button.

Final note

Yurixy, why you made so many Sona skins?
Sona is my main champion and I love to play with her. She is awesome in every lane, top, mid or bot. From the approximated 7k+ games I had in League, I believe 1k or close to it was with Sona. Nowadays, Sona is still a very strong champion even for solo top or mid, if you use the correct runes, masteries and build for her. I never followed the meta and I’m proud of it. I believe every champion can be a good pick if you master him. Believe in yourself and fight for your dreams, both in real life and in League of Legends!

What about Map Skins?
I’m still creating map skins, at a slower pace than before because of real life work and study. I will try to finish at least one more map skin for this year.

Stay tuned

The Sona Week has ended, but it still has a nice surprise in the box for you. I will try to release as soon as possible, tomorrow or in the next few days. Stay tuned! ❤️



  1. Hi i really love ur skins!! But can you tell me how i open a .wxy file b/c sometimes i want to put some files out and i cant do b/c i dont know how


  2. All of your skins are amazing, you should do more champions after and maybe do some top tier picks so that way we all have new skins with perfect picks!


  3. Nice skin 🙂
    Btw breaking the meta is always fun! Karma jungle since season 2! 😀


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