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Space Rift v2


Hello there everyone, today I bring you a treat. Now, have you ever thought to yourself: ‘Oh, gee whiz! I sure wish I could play in that outer space that the news has been talking about!’.
Well never fear, my fair companions. For I, Yolo Hagrid, have found a way to bring space to you! With my first ever map skin: Space Rift!


  • v1 – release
  • v2 – minor visual edit and added mediafire link


  • Custom Loading Screen.
  • Space themed map textures.
  • Planetary background (Beyond the ‘playable’ map).

There you have it! Simply install this map, and you can live out your dreams as an astronaut; or you can simply play Astronaut Teemo/AstroNautilus, but you don’t get a cool map with those skins, am I right?

Version 2 of Space Rift is out, with minor hot fixes. You will need to re-download the map skin.

Download and Install

You can install this skin with Wooxy.

  1. Download Space Rift from Onedrive or Mediafire.
  2. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import Skin” > “Add Package” and select the downloaded zip file.
  3. Your skin is now imported in Wooxy, you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.


  1. Hey, great map and all but after the recent patch the map seems to be bugged for me. In the middle of each lane, there is a “cone/triangle” shape of light. It can be seen even in fog of war. If needed, I will reinstall the map and post screenshots if it’s needed.


  2. I can’t download this file, sorry for my english, I’m French, I really can’t download this because Wooxy don’t recognize the package… :c


    • How about a map with Aurelion’s Q’d everywhere? Confuse the crap out of everyone ;D

      On a side note for anyone who reads this, I might have some spare time in the next week to finally be able to update the broken screenshots. Life is busy, and thank you to everyone who understood my situation.

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  3. Wow, it amazes me the amount of people that insult you, and call you names just because you have a busy life. Yet you uploaded this content and made it free to the public out of your own kindness. What a shameful bunch of children. How are these comments even allowed and not monitored? Shame on Wooxy. Anyways, I appreciate your work and thank you for the upload. Don’t listen to these small minded comments. You’re doing fine. 🙂


    • Thank you for understanding. Life is super busy, and I rarely get an hour to myself a day, and I’m not spending that hour behind the computer.

      Wooxy manages the comments, however I simply ask them not to. Everyone has an opinion, even if it isn’t the smartest, but I don’t want to feel as though I’m oppressing them 😛

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  4. Please update the photo links.. I’d really like to see it before I download. Thanks!


  5. So I want to get this, but when I download it, its not in a .zip file, its in a .wxy and when i try to import it as a skin it says 1 out 1 files were skipped, what do I do?

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    • One, I can’t do videos. Two, I’m studying so it’s difficult to get time. Three, I’ve uploaded NEW screenshots multiple times, but for some reason it’s still not working.


  6. I feel like a some changes to the dragon could make the pack seem a lot cooler. Like maybe having it look a little more like Ridley from the Metroid series could fit the aesthetic much better as the normal dragon skin looks a little out of place. But im sure that would be a lot more work so i wouldnt expect it soon.


  7. I’m checking out a bunch of different map skins and I think it would be helpful to add some in-game photos of the map to this post so players could preview your work 🙂


  8. How do i select the skin i want to play, i downloaded mystic rift, and it says installed but it wont play in game


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