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Asiimov Rek’Sai V2


About this

This is a little project that I’ve made that both changes the design of the champ in-game and in the client.
This is the Asiimov Rek’Sai skin, download and experience the awesome Asiimov design!


The Splash art and the design in-game are all drawn by myself (even the particles). This skin has been made in a smooth and cool design.

In-Game Preview


In-Game Spells


Client Preview5lV6yI5[1]


Additional information

Just for curiosity, so you guys know the work that has been put into this:
The particles: 127 files = 2 hours
The Hud: 11 files = 3 hours
The Skins: 2 files = 11 hours (with breaks)
Splash images: 15 files = 12 hours (with breaks)

Download Link: Asiimov Rek’sai V2

You can install this skin with Wooxy.

  • 1. In Wooxy, click “Skins” > “Import Skin” > “Add Package” and select the downloaded zip file.
  • 2. Your skin is now imported in Wooxy, you can install it by selecting it in the list and clicking “Install”.


  1. hello. i am mark.

    i am making some app program. and i need nice quality custom skin.

    so i am finding skin maker.

    contact me pls

    can make only skin

    can make skin and modeling

    can make skin and modeling and particle

    anyone contact me


    i will pay for that.


    • ty 😀
      im working on a Rengar and Ezreal skin atm
      Also im changing drake and baron and also the HUD
      later on i will make an elise skin while working on a map (all this will be announced in a update post)


      • Awesome! Rengar is my Main! I’ll be looking forward too checking that out! I Can even post your Skins on my FB or something if it helps you out? Let me Know.



        • Everything helps.. im not an author on this website yet… so it would be helpful if u post my skins on ur FB site :3


    • One of my friends had that problem too.. try to close both the league of legends client and the wooxy program (delete the package before closing wooxy) then open wooxy again, go into “skins” then “import skins” then click on “add package” and add the file u downloaded.. click on it and then click “install” close wooxy and open your client.. and it should be installed.. if it wont install then try doing this 5 times.. if it doesnt work.. then tell me and i will contact yurixy and get it fixed

      hope u can use this 😀

      – Nagiliant


    • Ty! 😀 i used 12 hours on it xD (even though it says that it took 12 hours on 15 splash images.. then its actually this splash image made into 15 different pictures for in-game and client)


  2. Great work. I think her claws should be a bit brighter (so they are visible). Try also grey version maybe? I.e. grey-orange and with tints (grey-green / grey-red / grey-purple)


    • well… i thought of it too.. i will try it out after my interface and map skin is done 😛


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