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AwS – Shyvana (Recolor)


Hello Wooxy Community. Today i have a recolor for Championship Shyvana for you. Its a recolor for the Model with my Base Color Theme, it replacing the “Championship Shyvana”.

Additional Info

About Particles and Default replacing : First of all its a mess to do it a big massive mess~ , Its really Hard for most Skins to find all the correct Particles also when you have all particles not all particles working with copy and paste replacing on the Base particles that is something how the particles works at all and i don’t go to deep for it now. I Tryharded the last nearly 2 weeks around now with particles and stuff and cant get it work how i image so i leave it for now. I will sure do and try to get particles working with the Default Skins and when i get it to work i do it when not then not sry, for me its to much time and effort consuming mostly that doesn’t worth it at all. For now i focusing first to do the Recolors for the Skins replacing Base/Default will be Optional.



  • Full recolor for Championship Shyvana + Dragon
  • New Splashart + Map Icons and Champselect Pictures
  • New Ability Icons


  • The Shyvana Texture has a little Bug (The Backside on one of the Blades on the Left Hand), i tryd to fix it but cant find this area on the Texture file.
  • This skin does NOT replace the base skin.


Download & Install

  1. Install Wooxy – Wooxy .
  2. Download AwS Shyvana – AwS Shyvana – Dropbox Download .
  3. Extract the Zip Content from the Dropbox download.
  4. Open Wooxy go to “Skins” -> “Import Skin” -> “Add Packages” -> Locate your extracted .wxy files choose if u want “with” or “Without” Square and Circle Images and “Save” it (Install only 1 of both).
  5. Install the Skin and Open league of Legends Enjoy ! [Important Note if u using “Mk Jogo” and choosing the “with” Square and Circle file be sure to Install and Uninstall this skin when “Mk Jogo” is not Running ! Otherwise you will get a Error message that the “Shyvana_Square_0.png” is already in use and can mess up your original files].


MapSkins team is not responsible for using 3rd party software, if you use any software that is not content from this website, use at your own risk!


Wooxy Exclusive !

All my Skins are Wooxy Exclusive atm so if you see my skins anywhere other uploaded , it wasn’t me ! And I don’t take any responsibility for any bad things happened with this downloads to your PC – Account – or Game.


Greetings Senpai Artorias



  1. Will you ever end up making this for the base model? 😦 It looks super nice


    • I saw the posts down below talking about how you were having problems doing so.. Damn man this looks like such a nice skin. Sorry it doesn’t work, and I hope you can get it to work someday


      • Well As u read the Conversation below , Replacing the recolors with the Base Model is easy peasy but getting some models right working is a pain in the ***. When i would able to do just the Recolor for the Original Skin it would much easier and faster but this isnt allowed here so i needed to end this Project on this point to much work and stuff. I already tho about 3D Modelling because i learned that but well to much messing around and error fights because the Plugins to edit the Models right arnt Up 2 date sadly.

        But im okay with it im sad but okay with it , im working now on my own games so i wouldnt anyway hasnt time to do stuff like this anymore except Private 😀


  2. Please keep in mind that we rarely allow this kind of mod, which don’t change the base skin. It’s officially not allowed, therefore we won’t post this on facebook or other places. However the quality of this skin is notable, so I decided to barely allow it.

    We kindly ask that you try to make this skin available for base (even if particles doesn’t work), so everyone can enjoy using it. If you do, I will gladly feature this on facebook and more.

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    • Replacing the Model with the Base is easy in 95 % cases the particel other story…

      But anyway i tho its not allowed to just reuploading the Riot Skins without any changes to them like the textures in my case.? I mean wouldnt it more bad when i porting the Championship model to the Base as making them think about buying the skin for full experience ?
      I Mean i can port every model to the Base replacing but then 80% wouldnt have particel changes, or u mean i should having 2 Files ? 1 for the Model replacing the Default skin and 1 replacing the textures for the original ?

      Greetings Artorias


      • No, we don’t allow both Riot original textures, nor skins that work only in paid bases. We allow custom skins that replaces the base skin, if you can make this work in the base skin, everyone can enjoy. Otherwise, people will just come and get frustrated that they don’t have the paid Championship Shyvana to play with your skin. If you are asking about using other models in place of the base, that’s perfectly acceptable, since you changed the textures.

        Edit: Example of what is allowed: , note how it has the options both for the iblitz and normal blitz, that’s acceptable. Your skin only changes a paid skin, so 99% of people can’t enjoy your skin. You don’t need to port the particles, just that your skin works on free base.

        Edit2: Aside from this, your skin is very good, a shame that only who have the paid Shyvana skin can use it.

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        • That i dont need to edit the particels i know , for me it was more a thing that it breaks maybe the feeling when u dont have the particels it should have. But well i can easy port it to the base model but without particel then maybe only recolor a bit some of the base particels thats all the focus will be mor eon the model i guess.

          But yeah.. Yurixy-sama so i delete this thread and make a new one ? or how i should going to change it O: ?


          • You can submit a new one (you can use the copy post button and just add the changes) and I will edit this one with the content of the new submitted post.

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    • Well @Yurixy now im at the point i told already when i port the skin to the base it has a bug that give the backport animation platform constanly showing under the feets on the base skin with the texture file from the Model whats really weird to play with and i dont find a way to fix this. :/

      But i have maybe a other Idea what is when i recolor all skins or atleast the base + a other skin from the champ with my Color theme and reales it together would it be accepted ? this way will be more work for me but atleast easier for me as tryharding to get other skins working on the base :/.

      Greetings Artorias


      • Man, im sad seeing that you can not get this working on the base skin. I love the style and colors matching here! Hope you will find a way to port this into the default skin! Great job man!


        • I wish too , but without editing the Model i cant fix this , and the skl plugins for the 3D programs are to old to work correctly 😛 otherwise i would making 3d Modeling instant of recoloring already sry.



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