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Hybrid HUD (patch 5.19)

hybrid hud banner

Hybrid HUD does not brings back old HUD at all but brings back old golden design and allows to use all the new features at same time. Updated and improved for patch 5.17, this HUD skin features classic golden design with many small detail fixes and quality-of-life changes. This small mod comes in pack with two custom fonts and two minimap mods, everything can be installed separately so you can install only minimap mod, or only font mod, or everything together.



  • Classic golden design for official HUD keeping original layout and all the features.
  • More smooth and more noticeable health/resource animation.
  • Golden exp bar, level-up pluses instead of arrows, square indicators instead of circles for leveled abilities.
  • Classic icons and buttons: Shop button, Stats icons, CS icon, gold icon in Shop.
  • Green borders for buffs and passive effects.
  • Darker ability borders and unavailable abilities – less clutter, more smooth and more contrast.
  • Narrow fonts: thin (UttumDottum) and bold (Arial) for a better readability.
  • Two custom minimap mods: classic golden and simplified with less contrast.

Additional information

  • This is a lite-version of Classic HUD Project.
  • Works with patch 5.18 or later.
  • Camera lock, Options and ping buttons near minimap are hidden, but clickable.
  • Item shop design remains unchanged and I don’t know how to make it semi-classic.
  • Contains: Classic Golden theme with some design and animation improvements (smaller minimap border, latest HUD improvements, etc), 2 font mods and 2 minimap mods.
  • Only one of two font/minimap mods can be installed at time. HUD mod can be installed with any of these (or not installed at all, so you may have only font or only minimap font).

Download // Updated for patch 5.19

  1. Get Wooxy – a program that allows to install mods.
  2. Download Hybrid HUD.
  3. Extract everything.
  4. In Wooxy drag-n-drop ONE wxy-file to Skins window (or click Import skin -> Add package and select wxy-file). If you want other wxy-files – add them with same method, one-by-one. You can drag-n-drop (or Add package) only one wxy-file at time. You added one file, then add another, then third, etc.
  5. The mod has appeared in Skins window. Select it and install.


  1. Would this be getting an update so it can show the dragon icons in the tab menu?


  2. Where can I find the Narrow font or what’s its actual name? I’ve tried searching it by “ottum dotum”, “ottumdotum”, and many variations on the internet and not a single result that looks like that narrow font.

    I have no idea how to get it from the zipped file you’ve provided. I’ve tried to search for it in the browser and can’t find it either…

    Would you mind sharing it with me or telling how to get it? Thanks in advance.


  3. I want to have both the detailed minimap and the winter summoners rift skin but it wont let me have both, if i install one it uninstalls the other. Is there a potential fix so i can have both?


  4. Hay Existor, nice work. I’m wondering when you’re going to update the classic HUD project (I totally get you don’t want to do work and have riot update the HUD yet again).

    Riot seem to have stopped making HUD changes. are you planning on doing it soon or waiting till after preseason?


  5. Hello , I wanted to know how I create my own HUD if you do not want to tell me you would have any link or any page explaining how ? Or pelomenos the basics to get started? Thank you !


      • Hi Existor , can you do a tutorial on it , it will be more easy for other persons to make custom hud ! because this patch interface section is really poor!



  6. Just wondering if it would be possible to get this in pink.I like to play Vi a lot and the previous Pink HUD that was part of the Classic HUD Project was the one I mostly used since it matches her just right.If it isn’t possible due to whatever reason, how would I be able to do it? :^)


  7. Hi Existor!

    I love the Thin font, cause it’s like the korean one and i tried so hard to use it without changing client language to korean, you are my god ily ❤

    Is there a way to change the whole client to thin font and summoner name font in-game? i would love a complete thin-font client! :3


    • it’s not possible, with every patch RIOT encoded more and more into bin files that can’t be edited by mod/skin makers. And with the latest patch it’s not possible to edit item shop window design (border of it).

      I think, someone at RIOT headquarters probably don’t want his “genious” HUD design to be modded into anything other, so they slowly reducing possibilities to mod hud files. Maybe I’m just paranoid about it.


  8. Super nice, can’t wait to load this up!

    Though I’m curious…You said you wouldn’t be updating Classic HUD Project for 5.18. Is there a possibility you’ll allow for swappable colors at least (or teach us how to do it ourselves)? Part of what I liked was the different HUD themes and it’s a shame I can’t see em again.


    • I will update Classic HUD Project once they finish their HUD. I.e. when there will be no HUD updates on PBE. Right now it feels like some sort of HUD beta-test. It’s really hard and not satisfying to update 12 skins at same time when every patch there are some HUD changes (i.e. ping buttons, HUD engine updates, HUD animations, ally icons on the left already on pbe etc etc)


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