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Login Layout Skin


This custom skin is for login screen layout (login assets).

This is the first time i work with SWF’s,so i hope you guys like it. 😀


  • Name: Login Layout
  • Author: StormRECRUTER
  • Version: 1


  • This skin will change login box skin (the one where you write username/password).


  • MapSkins’ team is not responsible for any bugs/bugsplats/crashes that may happen if you use this custom mod.
  • If you have a problem, like the mod is crashing your Client, just write a comment below and I’ll try to help you or fix it for you.

    How to Install

    • Download Wooxy.
    • Download Custom Champion Window from below.
    • In Wooxy go to SkinsImport skin.
    • Drag and drop the *.wxy file to window or just click on “Add Package” button and select the *.wxy file.
    • Select the Imported Skin and Install it.


    • Mediafire



  1. Nice job, keep on going, I will release something very similar (Pending 😦 )
    Anyways, good job once again ❤


  2. I like it, but the “Account Login” text isn’t centered. Maybe reduce the dimension of that tab to make it centered.


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