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Cyber Ninja Lucian



  • New particles, spell icons, model, textures and loading screen
  • Created by Crauzer

Author’s Notes

Sup, Crauzer here again with a new skin. This time I went with a new theme – Darkish Blue-Purple

If you are wondering why some of the particles are a little bit orange, It is because I couldn’t find them in the game files

Download Link – Cyber Ninja Lucian for Project Skin

Download Link – Cyber Ninja Lucian for Base Skin




  1. which of those two should i download? on the “project” skin there are only the abilities purple and i dont have the skin. when i use the “base” skin i do have the skin but not the animation. i cant install them both. thanks for the help in advance


  2. man they are problems with the download links i;am just wanted zed and lucian skin but they are problem of download links


  3. accualy it would be awesome to make this sounds of project skin Lucian .but anyways this is a very good skin.bravo


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