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Cyber Ninja Zed



  • New particles, spell icons, model, textures and loading screen
  • Created by Crauzer

Author’s Notes

Sup, Crauzer here again with a new skin. This time I went with a new theme – Darkish Blue-Purple

If you are wondering why some of the particles are a little bit orange, It is because I couldn’t find them in the game files

Download Link – Cyber Ninja Zed for Project Skin

Download Link – Cyber Ninja Zed for Base




  1. Changes the (150 bounty) Thing into announcer-lonwognowIDK And changes blood moon yas into championname_skin plz fix this


  2. Please update:
    All new In-game champions and items have weird file names.
    And also the graphics for Zed’s abilities seem to blocky and big. They seem like a mushed up black square when I use my Q.


  3. The skin is bugged I think. In 5.17 patch, effects are just some kind of smoky black hexagons I can’t show you here, but if I have some way to show you, I take some pictures of it.


  4. Thank you very much for the skin!!! is just impressive

    I was wondering, is there any chance someone can make “chicago bulls” darius for base skin?

    Also, i have seen that someone made championship riven for the base skin also, would it be possible to make the same for pax sivir?

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