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Bilgewater Announcer [All maps, Patch 5.17+]

Bilgewater Announcer here!

Now it works correctly on patch 5.17+ for all maps.
I found a way to return announcer back after patch 5.17.
Many thanks to achety for his original method of return Bilgewater announcer!

Download and install with Wooxy:

Bilgewater Announcer

If you want to install announcer along with mods such as Bilgewater Music, Butcher’s Bridge, use the following version (otherwise this can lead to compatibility problems mods, because of the conflict of the same files):

Version for use with Bilgewater Music here.
Version for use with Butcher’s Bridge here.
Version for use with Bilgewater Music & Butcher’s Bridge here.



  1. Hey Dark Vanya, can you fix the Bilgewater soundtrack? Its always mute and it doesn’t play. Thanks!


  2. It only works on aram noting else and i have the buthers bridge plz give me the link to season 6 and summoners rift


  3. I’ve been trying to get the bilgewater announcer and music into wooxy, but it always says it’s “Not a valid wooxy skin” and cancels. Everything else works in Wooxy fine just not these. Any help?


  4. By me it disables the announcer for Summoners Rift, but it works on Butchers Bridge

    Please help me!


    • Maybe its a problem cause I have another map installed on Summoners Rift

      I just don know


  5. OMG Thank you very much!! I have been searching for this exact solution for 3 months after the removal of them, and I just happened to encounter it when I was searching for a custom winter map… Many thanks to this website generally and to you especially! =)


  6. Hello, Guys! I forgot to update this mod on mapskins, though I updated it earlier, for the patch 5.22+. This include fixes for Shutdown and Rift Herald slain (here it played standard sound because it was not recorded Bigewater Announcer) events.

    Links to latest v4 mod for patch 5.22+:

    Main version:

    Version for use with Bilgewater Music:

    Version for use with Butcher’s Bridge:

    Version for use with Bilgewater Music & Butcher’s Bridge:

    I also will update this topic soon, i sent request for this!


  7. dude the wooxy program for skins?
    if so , how this will help in adding sounds to the game.
    on the other hand , if it was used for adding sounds to the game how i add it to game since i just import them to the program not the the game folder.
    plz reply fast


  8. i install two days ago

    “Bilgewater Announcer (compatible with Butcher’s Bridge) v3 (By Riot, returned by Dart Vanya”

    summoner rift worked well..but no voices on aram…
    defeat and victory are the same(lady voice)

    no longer works in the new patch 5.18


    • For use Bilgewater Announcer along with Music or Butcher’s Bridge you need to instal two mods. First you need to download and install Butcher’s Bridg:
      Then install version of Bilgewater Announcer for use with Butcher’s Bridge. And everything will work including on ARAM.

      Phrases victory and defeat is also not used in the original Bilgewater announcer by Riot (but were recorded and there WPK archive).

      I`m test, all work on patch 5.18


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