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AwS Ahri – [Recolor]


Hello my Name is Senpai Artorias, and Today i have a Champion recolor for you. Its Firefox Ahri – to my Unlucky it isn’t done as i image to be, but this happened because i didn’t know Riot changed some stuff in the Firefox Ahri Skin – RIP. I Chose Firefox Ahri because she has the fire on the Tail etc stuff – with my Base color theme for her the Flames on the tail would be Blue instant of Red. But then i noticed the changes doesn’t make it such impact as i would be having it. But i was 90 % done with the skin when i noticed it so i said well lets finish it D: .




  • New Splashart + Champ Select and Map icons
  • Recolored Firefox Ahri Model



  • Particel Recolor



  • This Skin Replacing the base Ahri Model The Classic Skin.
  • The .zip file containing 2 Files 1 with the “Circle and Square images for the Minimap , Kill Announcement etc” and one without it u can choose which u prefer and install it (Install only one).
  • I Didn’t Changed the Particle yet but i wanted it , to my unlucky i wasn’t able to find “All” Ahri Particles i tried several searching around the past 3 days and i tried to use the files from another Ahri Skin. So if anyone can help me with that and give me a package with all the Ahri particles i will Update and recolor them as well (I need the Original files).



Ladas2 – for some Help with some files


Download & Install

  1. Install Wooxy – Wooxy .
  2. Download AwS Ahri – AwS Ahri – Dropbox Download .
  3. Extract the Zip Content from the Dropbox download.
  4. Open Wooxy go to “Skins” -> “Import Skin” -> “Add Packages” -> Locate your extracted .wxy files choose if u want “with” or “Without” Square and Circle Images and “Save” it (Install only 1 of both).
  5. Install the Skin and Open league of Legends Enjoy ! [Important Note if u using “Mk Jogo” and choosing the “with” Square and Circle file be sure to Install and Uninstall this skin when “Mk Jogo” is not Running ! Otherwise you will get a Error message that the “AhriSquare_0.png” is already in use and can mess up your original files].

Disclaimer: MapSkins team is not responsible for using 3rd party software, if you use any software that is not content from this website, use at your own risk!


Wooxy Exclusive !

All my Skins are Wooxy Exclusive atm so if you see my skins anywhere other uploaded , it wasn’t me ! And I don’t take any responsibility for any bad things happened with this downloads to your PC – Account – or Game.


Greetings Senpai Artorias


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