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Project: HUD

Features: New orange based HUD
New Spell Upgrade Icons
Changing color while a spell is activated
Download – Project: HUD

The MapSkins team is not responsible for any bugs/crashes that may happen if you use this custom mod. Use at your own risk.




  1. Plz do some more things with this (Diffrent health bar (mana, rage,energy, other stuff :P, diffrent ping thing) cause right now, it just looks like a orange recolor with the project logo on the lvl up and active passive thing. 😛


  2. holaa, quisiera comentar. que si alguien que sepa hacer HUD , que por favor hiciera uno con las nuevas relays que regalaron en la pagina oficial de league of legendes la cual fue creada por Narehop. pls porfa que alguien haga un HUD con todos esas relays que regalaron serian geniales tenerlas como HuD todo el tiempo , porfa . gracia 😀


      • I can translate it, it says:
        Hello, I would like to comment to somebody that know how to make HUDs, that plz make one with the new relays that Riot gave in the official web of LOL made by Narehop, it’ll be awesome to have them on the HUD all the time, plz, thanks


  3. I love your HUD ^^ Can you do this for other project skin please , i mean pink version (fiora ) , red version (zed) , yellow version (leona) ?

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  4. I really want a thresh skin! D: any thresh custom skin would be awesome, if its possible with the ability animations too, and the skin would be instead of the base thresh skin. I dont really mind which colours, although i was thinking something like blue and red or green and red. Thanks in advance if anyone makes one ❤


  5. Nice idea =) , i was thinking with the new 5 Projekt Skins this Patch doing maybe a “Projekt Map” – ? I never did a Map skin but when its one i would 100 % do this 😛


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