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AwS – Hud (Recolor)


Hello my Name is Senpai Artorias, and I have a simple recolor for the new League of Legends Hud Today. This is my First Hud Recolor ever and I apologize when it is not skilled or has some bugs. This Hud recolor is simple and nothing special, it’s more a warm up for myself because I have some free time and want doing some recolor skins. I have planned to do a little recolor series with a Base color theme. Until i have done these planned skins I won’t take requests for the moment, also Teaser my next Skin I’m working on in the previous skin I did.




  • Simple Hud Recolor with Black , Blue and Gold colors




  • In the images the “Exp” Bar is Purple , when in the Game the Bar is “Gold”. This is because i didn’t update the Image preview when I did this little change afterwards.


Download & Install

  1. Install Wooxy Wooxy .
  2. Download AwS Hud AwS Hud Dropbox Download .
  3. Extract the Zip Content from the Dropbox download.
  4. Open Wooxy go to “Skins” -> “Import Skin” -> “Add Packages” -> Locate your extracted AWS Hud v1.0 (By Senpai Artorias).wxy and “Save” it.
  5. Install the Skin and Open league of Legends Enjoy !



Greetings Senpai Artorias



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