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Tiki’s HUD Tweaks

Hello! Some of you may know me from Reddit as Tiki Jack, where I released my first and second batch of custom HUD tweaks. For those who haven’t heard of me, I have modified the HUD (which I refer to as “Tweaks”) as an alternative to Riot’s new “Clarity” design. For those of you who have heard of me and had been previously using my tweaks, this is just a simple update that fixes the issues with the latest HUD hot fixes.


    • Ability Level-Up icons changed to gold
    • Darker OOM icons
    • Lessened contrast on Ally/Enemy Death Portraits
    • Square empty and filled Ability Rank icons
    • Darker Cooldown Timers
    • Darker Health, Mana, Energy, Wind, Fury, and Heat bars
    • Damage Stats are now red, while Magic stats are now blue (Crit is now orange, Movespeed is now green)
    • Green Buffs instead of blue
    • Custom Scoreboard panel
    • Re-implemented blue Active Ability glow
    • (Optional) Re-implemented Pre-season 5 mini-map

How to Install

1. Get Wooxy
2. Download my tweaks here or without the mini-map here.
3. Go to “Skins” in Wooxy.
4. Drag my tweaks onto the Wooxy window. It should automatically load.
5. Click to highlight my tweaks and click “Install”.
6. You’re done!

Incompatibility Issues

  • Classic HUD or Hybrid HUD

Recommended Mods

Existor’s Custom HUD Fonts. I can’t thank him enough for making this mod, the new bizarre bold font Riot implemented is an eye sore. I personally use the classic font “Thin/Narrow”, which you can see in the screenshots, but also gives you the option to use other font types.



  1. Hey guys! There were some minor changes to the HUD in 5.18. And since they are very small, it would be pointless to make another post for it. So I’ve made the corrections, which you can download here:

    And of course, for those who do not want the mini-map:

    Uninstall and delete my 5.17 Tweaks before installing my 5.18 Fix, otherwise they will conflict. I can’t edit my post, so do not download the files in the original post. I would also like to take this time to thank everyone who has used or at least tried my tweaks. Over 300 downloads!


    • Just checking in for patch 5.19: Tiki Tweaks v1.3 STILL works, but the stats in the right hand corner have shifted slightly to the right due to the removal of ping bars, which leaves a gap on the bar. I will NOT be correcting this since it does not break the HUD, unlike the patch 5.18 bar animations and portrait bar changes.


  2. Thin/Narrow (GillSans) is buggy after 5.17, at places where it says DOUBLE KILL, PENTAKILL, etc. They definitely changed hud engine again (death recap button and window are higher also)


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