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Project: Project (Part 1)

Hello guys.

I’m Leischii and I’m here to present you my first project on Mapskins, the Project Special.

So what I’m doing is taking new content from the PBE and convert the files into custom skin for the live server. And now I’m going to share this with you.

And the first thing I’m sharing with you is Part 1 of the Project content, Project Fiora and the Project Minions.

Things to know:

Fiora works with all her animations and particles (Spells,Backport,Respawn). There are 2 downloads; one for the base Fiora skin and one for the Headmistress Fiora skin but both will effect the particles on the other skins. One bug left is that Fiora doesn’t have any voice. She has sounds for attacks, spells etc but she won’t talk with you (I will try to fix this in the future).

The minions also work with attack animation but relative team colors won’t work. I didn’t add any of them so the minions will be bugged when u try to use it.


Project Fiora for Base Skin:

Project Fiora for Headmistress Skin:

Project Minions:

My next plan is to finish Leona and Lucian, then start working on Zed and Yi . But it’s way more difficulty then Fiora and the minions. I will try my best but I can’t promise they will work.

That’s all for now and I hope to present you new stuff soon.



  1. I found a problem, when I install the skin and play the game an error message appears telling me that the champion is not found and reinstall the game…remove the skin and the error disappears


    • I’m sorry but i don’t know how to make the sounds work. But since the skins are already in the live client I recomment you using MK LoL / MK jogo. It uses the lol ingame files and allows you to use every skin you want. But don’t forget to deactivate jungle timers because that feature isn’t allowed. (even if they added them a while ago to the base lol ^^)
      I won’t work on this skins anymore because now with mk lol this is just timewasting and there the skins are way better. I already made Championship kalista and I’m just waiting for mapskins to show it in the blog.


  2. Thx for all the positive feedback 🙂
    I just wanted to inform you that I “could” add Part 2 of the project: Project, this time with Lucian and Zed, BUT they are a bit more bugged then Fiora. Zed doesn’t have weapon sounds and the normal voice over + his ult is the normal mark. Lucian doesn’t support his aa particles and Ulti and that is something I can’t change because riot decided to split right and left weapon in seperated files and the base Lucian can’t load this textures. So thats my plan: I can add Zed for download with the buggs and Lucian will be available for hired gun skin so the aa’s and ulti shots are at least orange. The other way would be to wait a bit longer so I can MAYBE fix a few things but it doesn’t look like there is much I could do.

    So now I want to here what you want. Should I release the Skins like they are now or wait and see if I can fix something?


    • Personally I love the Zed skin simply for the way it looks, the particles don’t mean as much to me, nor the sounds as I typically play League with music. Can’t answer for everyone though. As for Lucian, I don’t think there’s really much you can do. If you can’t fix things, you can’t. I feel like people are just happy that they can get an early taste of the skins in a live server. If you feel like you can’t do too much, I say just release them as they are, I’d be more than happy to download both.


    • I think that whats good about the project skins are the particles, so I think it would be worth waiting for you to completely finish and polish the skins.


      • Alright I think you two are right. I managed to fix the Zed Ult so now whats missing are the sounds on his Spells. Lucian has still blue aa’s / Ult shots and the sounds are missing. Lucian and Zed will be Part 2 of the Project: Project and will be ready later this evening. I just want to fix Zeds q and e because they don’t show the cd in the hud and thats a pretty big problem if you want to play with this. I think I will post the links here in (I guess) 1 hour so be prepared 😀


        • Oh and also Lucian will be available for Base Skin and Hired Gun because with Hired gun the bullets are orange and thats way better then blue bullets.


        • I know this is asking alot, but do you think there is any way to add sounds for zed/lucian’s attack and spells. Again, thanks for all contribution.


          • Sounds are kinda my weak spot. i really don’t know why they don’t work. I patched them were they belong and also overwrote the old base sound files. Sometimes they use the files(Like every backport uses the sounds and Fiora is working with sounds) and sometimes they just don’t want to work.Maybe when I find someone who actually understands the soundengine it will work but for now its luck if it works or not


  3. Please can you upload somewhere else then mediafire, as it does not load in South Africa. Or if I could get a mirror please ❤


    • Zed and Lucian are ready but I’m waiting for to show the post.

      Yi and Leona are a big problem and wil most likely not work, but I try my best.


  4. Got a client lock up when cho feasted on a super minion, gonna have to give this a pass now sadly, happened during a ranked aswell -.-


    • I’m sorry to hear that.
      Are you sure that you doesn’t have installed any other custom skins.
      I tried to reproduce this bug and it didn’t happen to me even after 4 trys


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