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Crimson Elite Riven with Particles

Yes, it’s me, alvsgaming from the NA server. I’m back with my THIRD custom skin for default Riven, Crimson Elite Riven with Particles.

Dropbox – Crimson Elite Riven



  1. Could you please change back to old Fiora model and old Fiora skins please? I hate the new one and could you please change back to old fiora ult and old fiora and katarina icons. And could you change the green background that is showing on the loading screen, could you please change it back to black? and could you change back to the old recall too? and do you know where i can download old splash arts that will also show up in game and in the during when i play a game? I really would appreciate, Thanks! I sent you guys a message through email but nobody responded? Please respond, thanks! Also, could you change back to the old fiora fighting move set? Would appreciate it, thanks!


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