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Academy Ekko with Full Particles

Hey there, I’m alvsgaming on the NA server, and I’m happy to show you guys this custom skin I made.

Academy Ekko on the PBE I felt was way too bland without particles, so I went ahead and made some.

Dropbox – Academy Ekko



  1. This is just some feedback on the particles from my side, so please don’t take it the wrong way.

    It would be better to use the following files as they were in the original particles otherwise they look kind of off in the game:

    If you don’t edit those files and use the original ones, then it makes the particles look more in line with the normal ones except in green. For me it just looked odd that e.g. after Ekko does a backflip the dust on the ground becomes green etc.


  2. The skin looks really good with the green particles although I had to remove the green circle under the trail and edited some other stuff for myself, because it somehow bothered me. Still nice work.

    I just wanted to ask why the death animation isn’t complete? Normally Ekko would disappear after the animation is over, but with this skin his corpse is left on the field in some weird pose. I’ve tried to do something about it on my own, but no success so far.

    Can you help me out on this one?


    • Can You Teach me how to take skins and put them in defualt as i can see you used SIU to get the files of skin 03 but how you made it as a defualut?


    • Hey man, I don’t know if theres a bug report section or anything but I tried installing this skin and most of the particle effects just dont show on live, I’ve triple checked that theyre in the folder and ive even installed the hud and images seperately and most of the particles still don’t work.
      I’m on the latest ver. of wooxy.


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