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League of Legends ENB

Hey guys I have been trying to get a working enb for league for some time now. So I’ve got a really cool looking enb that works for league. I also love the community here want to give back in any way I can. I have some pictures of what the game looks like with the enb running.
If you’re unfamiliar with what enb is. EnbSeries is a graphic modification made by Vorontsov Boris. There are many games that can work with EnbSeries. The most well known being Skyrim. The community tweaks config files to get different graphical results. Thus being a wide variety of different possibilities for changing the way your game looks.
Keep in mind that this graphical modification uses quite a lot of computer power and will hit your fps hard.  If you have the computer power then you should be fine using the enb.
In my opinion the enb looks best with the map skin titled “Mystic Rift” created by Salwin (average map brightness and contrast) Existor (glowing effects, testing)

That can be found here:



(Some are before and after photos)



Read the readme on github on how to install. Download as ZIP via github


Important Notes

Sometimes the game crashes when running full screen. Borderless gave no bugsplats when I was testing.
Any feedback would be great. You’re welcome to change the config of the enb and try and get different results. Keep note that this is a graphical change and is subjective. Not everyone will agree that this is an actual “enhancement”.
Thanks again guys. I hope you enjoy this 🙂


I have been using this for a while with no bans or warnings. There are very old post of other people who made enbs for league saying that using an enb with league is safe to use.

How to install:
Click the link to go to the GitHub download here:

-Download as zip (located on right side of the GitHub page)

-Unzip League-of-Legends-Enb-master

-Copy contents of League of Legends ENB to the following directory: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\0.0.1.XX\deploy

How to uninstall:

To uninstall either remove all the files that you originally placed from the zip folder. The other way to uninstall is either rename or remove the d3d9.dll file from your league directory.


When testing, running in full screen almost always resulted in bugsplat errors. No bugsplat errors occurred when the game is running in borderless mode.

It is recommended to turn off any anti-aliasing via the in game settings menu.


1 Copyrights of the ENBSeries (the SOFTWARE) exclusively belongs to AUTHOR – Vorontsov Boris (ENB developer).

2 ENBSeries is DonateWare application (freeware), which means you may or may not pay for this software to the author as donation.

3 Software provided “AS IS”, without warranty of any kind, use it on your own risk.

4 You agree not to change or remove any parts of software (files in archive or installer) without author permission. Decompilation, reverse enginering, disassembling, debugging or changing resources of software is prohibited.

5 You may use and distribute software in commercial or non-commercial purposes. For commercial use it is required to warn about using this software (in credits, on the box or other places). Commercial distribution of software as part of the games without author permission prohibited.

6 Author reserve the right to change these license agreement.

7 All the rights, not described in this license agreement belongs to author.

8 You allowed to add new files to ENBSeries archive or installer.

9 You may sell presets, shaders, bitmaps, documentation and any other components for ENBSeries, except binary files (dll, exe) created by author of ENBSeries.

10 Custom presets, shaders, bitmaps, documentation and any other components for ENBSeries belongs to their authors and may have copyrights and license.

By executing the ENBSeries you accepting terms of use and this license agreement.





    • Do you have everything running as admin? If you are using an amd video card, there may be an issue with that. My computer is using an nvidia card. Also make sure you are running the game in borderless. When I was testing in fullscreen it would almost always crash.


        • Another thing I would check is to make sure that no other programs running on your computer are interfering with the enb. Examples would be anything that uses an overlay like xfire, afterburner, curse. Try turning off any anti virus software. Try turning off any anti aliasing that is being forced by the nvidia control panel. There must be something interfering with the enb to cause to crash the game. If theres anything else that you can think of that would be interacting with your game make sure its not running.


  1. —UPDATE—

    Added high and low quality options. Just use the folder you want. They are labeled high quality and low quality. When I tested this I was getting about 233 fps on the low settings and about 177 on the high settings.


  2. Tested and everything worked fine. Only reason i am not using is because I am on a laptop. Usually get over 100fps on high settings. When enb is enabled I get fps drops between 20-30. If you can find some way to optimize this it would be great. Otherwise good work!!


    • Thanks for testing it out. Any enb for any game is going to hit the fps hard. I may be able to put together one that is like a low setting for the enb. Wont look as nice (you would probably not even be able to tell the difference im sure) but should drop the frame rate less.


  3. I can’t get into a game with those files on, bordeless or not. It crashes everytime at loading, then open a bugsplat window.

    I only need what’s inside the “League of Legends ENB” folder right ? Do I have to copy paste the .git stuff too ?


    • I just added a photo to the download. Its a screen shot of what your league folder should look like. So all you have to do is either redownload or click this link:


        • I can see it, don’t worry.
          Anyway I redownload it, re put it in the folder and yeah it looks exactly like yours. But still crashing at loading screen. Is it because i’m on Windows 10 ?

          Here’s a line I got in a .txt file which should be a report:

          “League of Legends caused ACCESS_VIOLATION in module League of Legends

          Read from location 00051304 caused an access violation.”


          • I would make sure you are running league as admin. Also I tested this on win 8 and win 10 and had no issues as long as I would run the game in borderless mode. One thing you can try to make your league exactly like mine is remove the 2 logited dll files in the same folder. I know these 2 files can cause the firewall error that some people (including myself) get. These may cause other issues. So try some of those and try them one by one to lock down on the issue. It would be nice if you could find the issue so i can let people know about it.


  4. I would recommend not installing this until all of the bugs are worked out. I had it installed, and it, indeed, crashed (on the 2nd day of using it!) during the game. I uninstalled, reconnected, and got the same error. Let him work out the bugs, because this does look FANTASTIC with Mystic Rift. Thanks for the ENB, stevecaboose, but I will wait this one out. I don’t like playing Zed and trying to trade and freezing LOL.


    • Make sure to run the game in borderless. I played many games to test this out and never got one crash. I don’t think your crashes are related. Once you remove the d3d9.dll the enb will no longer run. So if there are any crashes still happening after you removed that file, the crashes are not related. Id be happy to help you with your crashes though. Could you tell me what error you got and describe what happened? Because I cannot edit the dll file, there will be no updates to this.


    • What the enb mostly does is add an additional lighting engine to the game it is being used with. The other thing it does is uses better anti aliasing. So what you’re seeing is the lighting in the game being changed. You can take a look at the config file and change some of the settings to get different results.


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