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Atlantean Vel`Koz

Hey there 🙂 I’m mrjoejoe and this is my Atlantean Vel`Koz custom skin! I would like to know what you guys think about it, so please leave some comments! An installation guide is included in the download. Have fun!

Skin contains:

-Re-texture of Default Vel`Koz ( Replaces Default Vel`Koz )

-New particles for every spell, basic attack, Taunt, Joke and Respawn

-Recolored Icons ( q,w,e,r ) / Completely new icon for passive





Atlantean Vel`Koz – Dropbox



    • Hey Existor ! I get what you mean. The w and e are quite bright and “full”, but i really liked it that way 😛 Each their own, right? Thanks for the comment anyway and if there is anything really distracting, I´ll fix it.


      • I meant base model. It uses very sharp lines. Check all the latest champion skins and models – they are simple and easy to look at when you’re zoomed out at max. Such champ skins were done while you looking at them when zoomed in. Just try to zoom out camera and see that every such skin with many details becomes a bit messy in small scales


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