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Tron Yasuo

Hey guys this is my first skin on this site, so I hope you will enjoy it and stay tuned for future content.

This skin is a remake of the original Tron Yasuo made by me. He is a new member to the Tron family which now includes : Riven, Darius, Akali, Yasuo

This skin is even a celebration for me to start publishing skins on this website. I hope you will enjoy it.


Tron Yasuo



  1. can you make tron gp with like project master yi body and sword and than add clothing of gpand for gun to use lucians gun


  2. Men , i want to do my own skin , something like ahri or yasuo converted to miketsukami soushi, but i have no idea where i should start , can u explain me a bit? :S


  3. Hey! I installed the skin, and the only thing that changed was the in game Icon when I play project yasuo. Is this a bug? Was I supposed to play normal yasuo? Thanks!


  4. i LOVE yasuo. therefore LOVE YOU for making this. but could you please possibly make a skin for azirr? maybe something comedical like a power ranger skin? or something cool? anyways thanks for you’re time! if you don’t got the time to work on the skin its you’re time! not mine! i hope you enjoy it😀


    • Thx for the feedback. I once worked on azir skin – Mecha Azir but it never came up to a final product. And it is very time consuming to create an azir skin because he has too many files


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