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Mystic Rift (HD Patch)


This is a very small patch to Mystic Rift map skin. The change is pretty simple – ground textures were replaced by HD ones. That means all the pixelated noise was almost removed. 

Basically I managed to bring back quality of original ground textures (from standard SR map). Another very small change is just quality-0f-life change – ground brightness is slighty higher and averagely it is less contrast now, but whole magic night theme is still there, just little bit easier for eyes.  This update fixes only ground textures, jungle chunks (stones, trees, etc) and ingame objects remain same.

Here is a small comparison picture where you can see original SR texture, old Mystic Rift v3 (noisy and pixelated) and current HD Patch. As you can see, it’s less sharp and contrast but no more pixelated and less noisy. Pretty much same as original textures in terms of quality and detail level.


Keep in mind that this update includes low and medium textures, which were improved too like standard High definition ones. This update wont hurt your perfomance at all since all the texture sizes exactly same as original textures. If your PC handles default map textures, there will be no problem to handle Mystic Rift, even updated one.

For a video demonstration, download links and screenshots please visit original article.



  1. Do you have a Version for me without this HD patch? I liked the old version more & cant find the old file :/


  2. Can you pair this with the minimap fix? I really like the skin but the minimap contrast is also really important for me, I’d really appreciate it!


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