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Dominion Blind/Draft Pick Music for Summoner’s Rift

This mod is basically what it says. It just replaces the Summoner’s Rift blind/draft pick music with Dominions, which many prefer.

You can hear samples of what to expect here:

Blind Pick:

Draft Pick:

Download Link:


To install, you select the “Skins” tab on Wooxy. You then select “Import Skin,” from here select “Add a Folder,” then select the desired “Original Dominion Blind/Draft Champion Select Music for SR Champion Select” folder from the dropbox you downloaded. Feel free to comment if you find any bugs. See you all soon.



  1. I don’t completely understand the instructions for installing this. You said to choose the folder downloaded from dropbox, but dropbox just gives me an MP3 file. Do I just need to select the MP3 itself and Wooxy will install it based on the filename?


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