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ISKH Base Riven

A recolor for Riven’s base skin. Has blue/purple particles, a loadscreen, splash art, and spell icons.

This skin includes an optional  file that has my ISKH Redeemed Riven skin so you can use both at the same time without files overlapping or messing up!

Preferably used with Wooxy, but also has files for SIU.

Hope you like the skin(s).


Link: Riven




  1. Great skin! Everything about it is great. The only thing that bothers me (and its only a little) is that the color trail left behind when riven dashes ( On the classic version, i dont own redeemed) is still green. This honestly isnt that big of a deal and is easily ignored 😛

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    • Yeah i looked everywhere for that file, so I don’t even know if you can change it. Same thing with the ult lines, i couldn’t find anything in the files that would do anything so i assume it’s not just a .dds file that i can recolor like normal. Oh well. Glad you enjoy it.


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