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Wooxy 1.1 patch notes

Hello everybody, I just released an update for Wooxy, our skins installer. This version comes with a lot of fixes as well as some minor new features. Let’s see everything!


Skins window

  • You can now select more than one skin in the “Skins” window, allowing you to install, uninstall or delete several skins at once.
  • The skin images viewer now allows you to click on the image to see the next one. Arrows have also been placed, so you can navigate more easily between the images (Thanks to Existor for the suggestion).
  • Skins can now be orderered by “Installation state” which means that the installed skins will be regrouped on the top of each category. This option can be disabled in the “Settings” window.


  • Wooxy doesn’t need to have an internet access to be launched.
  • If Wooxy detects that a new update is available, you will now be able to update through the “Home” window (This means that updates are now optional).
  • The startup is now much faster than before.

Bug fixes

  • Skins modifying files that depend on the language (mostly voices or announcers) are no longer automatically uninstalled when Wooxy launches (Thanks to Dart Vanya).
  • Uncompressed files from Riot archives are now correctly extracted. Moreover, skins that use this kind of files are now properly installed (Thanks to Dart Vanya).
  • Skins modifying “air_client” files are now correctly installed and uninstalled.
  • Wooxy now accepts the LoL folders that only contain “lol.launcher.admin.exe”.
  • A bug that occured when Wooxy was trying to get projects versions is now fixed.
  • If the LoL folder has changed, Wooxy will now ask the user to select a new folder instead of crashing.
  • A rare bug that occured during the installation of “air_client” skins is now fixed (Thanks to Kyle).
  • Many other crashes are now, hopefully, fixed (Thanks to all the reports I received).


  • The installation processes are now faster (especially for skins that modify “air_client” files).
  • Extracting files from Riot archives is now much faster!

Next step: remaking the “Import skin” window and delivering the first test versions for Garena!



  1. Very nice update. I would like to give an idea, though. Perhaps you could make it so that Wooxy can appear in the hidden icons at the taskbar. I think it would be nice, but it is simply an idea, some people might like it and some won’t. Anyway, thanks for the update. The bugs that I had are now gone. Thank you.


  2. I opened the Wooxy installer, and lemme tell you, Chewy. It looks fucking SPIFFY. I LOVE THE ANIMATION SHOWING THE SKIN IS INSTALLED. But now I can’t install the Zed chroma pack from this site (Blue Chromo to be specific), telling me the object did not exist or something like that.


      • Dude, thank you so much, but I also posted the comment below VVVVVVV
        And I updated to your new patch, (THANKS FOR INCLUDING MY NAME MAN, and thanks for the compliment on it 😀 it’s the same name as my summoner’s xD) and I got that same fucking thing man, updated, clicked start wooxy on the page showing the changes, and it told me that it didn’t exist again. Is that normal? Am I supposed to reinstall every update?


      • I click on the update tab on the bottom left of the Wooxy installer, saying “Update to (insert newest patch) now!”, it updates, it says “Update Complete”, I click on “Start Wooxy”, and immediately windows says “Wooxyinstaller has stopped working”, it closes, I try to open it from my desktop, clicking on the icon, and it says, “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.”, I close that window, and try again, and it says “The item “Wooxy.exe” that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly,

        Do you want to delete this shortcut?”

        Can I not update to the update that I had a movement in???? I’ve never had this problem, I’ll reinstall but run it as admin when i update it, and tell you what happens.


      • So, I reinstalled, ran the installer as admin, set the shortcut to admin and run in compatibility for Windows 7, and updated again, and got the same thing. I can download and install the update before the one you updated for the bug I experienced, but when I update in the installer it crashes and deletes itself. I guess the only way this can be fixed is if you went in and found out what caused it, or posted the newest version on the download link when downloading Wooxy. Thanks for everything in return, Chewy! I absolutely love this website, and I always come back to it.


      • At this point I can’t even install Wooxy….I tried to reinstall after the last effort, and after the install I launch Wooxy and I get this,

        “Unable to execute file:

        CreateProcess failed; code 740.
        The requested operation requires elevation.”

        And this saddens me, because Night Rift was my absolute favorite way to play League……I’ll check periodically to see if this issue is fixed. Thanks in advance, Chewy. and sorry for posting so many comments. See ya around.


      • IDK ANYMORE. IT JUST OPENED BUT I’M NOT UPDATING IT, I’M TOO SCARED, sorry for the spam, Chewy. I’m just so confused about all of this. I do hope I can install future updates without a hitch.


      • Dude, holy fuck.

        UPDATE: When I updated, it created a new shortcut that was apparently some kind of bug thing. The new shortcut didn’t know what to do and it would just delete itself and bug out, y’know. I had to click on the original shortcut that for some reason turned invisible but still said “Wooxy” under it, so that’s the fix. I clicked on the original after the update and it launched, but clicked on the fake and I got the error. Mystery fucking solved, Mystery Gang. God, I feel so annoying right now. THERE’S THE FIX. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, CHEWY. NOW I CAN STOP BLOWING UP YOUR EMAIL.


      • Also, just installed the ocean blue Zed Chroma, and yes, it did work. You did not lie, you fixed it. So kudos to you, champ.


        • lol 😀 Was pretty good to read all that, and finally you solved yourself! I’m glad everything works now. Let me know if you need more help or if you discover again ninja bugs 🙂


          • Thanks, man. I’m gonna play some League on Noir rift, playing broken stupid champs like Akali and Kat until I get Yasuo back, as he is disabled and I just got good with him. Until he’s fixed, pentas galore!


  3. I updated it this morning, and it gave me the “Wooxy.exe is not responding” and it uninstalled and deleted itself, telling me that the Wooxy.exe did not exist and asked me if I wanted to delete the shortcut, I had to reinstall it and it worked fine, and all of my skins were there still! That’s the only complaint i have, other than that, GREAT update, Chewy! I hated installing skins one by one.


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