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Christmas Star Soraka


Hey there 🙂 I’m mrjoejoe and this is my Christmas Star Soraka custom skin! I would like to know what you guys think about it, so please leave some comments! An installation guide is included in the download.

Skin contains

-Re-texture of Dryad Soraka ( Replaces Default Soraka )

-New particles for every spell

-New spell icons

-Choose between present and star basic attack!




Christmas Star Soraka



  1. This is a really high quality skin. Good job!
    Just a small question, how did you edit the particles? I mean, what software you used.


    • Hey I did all with Photoshop. I took some christmas textures from other winter riot skins and made some myself. And the particles are partly recolored and to the rest I added some stars and other stuff 🙂 And thanks I’m glad you like it

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  2. Her weapon should have been a staff with a star on it. 🙂 Maybe in the next version? 😀 Nice skin!


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