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Traditional Kassadin! (With Particles!)

Hello! Back today with a skin I hope you Kassadin fans will like! Kassadin has been my main for as long as I can remember and I think that goes way back to the end of season 2! I love everything about Kassadin and really miss the old one in terms of nostalgia.


This skin is not his original model since I am still working on that and it will take some time to complete. But for now I present to you: Traditional Kassadin! Like other LoL traditional skins, Kassadin comes with his classic black dress and yellow eyes. Along with this comes his classic spell particles. I could only do so much here since LoL reads old files oddly in some cases. But non the less this skin works great! Included are Kassadins original splashes and squares for both in game and client side nostalgia! It’s all neatly packed into a Wooxy file for your easy installing pleasures. I really hope you enjoy!




  1. Hi, is it possible to bring back old corki? Or maybe just the old corki particles. I really liked how his old q looked.


    • Thanks! And because I was following how Riot makes their Traditional skins. Like Traditional Trundle. They don’t even change the in game squares! Wanted it to feel like a skin you could buy in game. ๐Ÿ˜€


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