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Original Hud Boosted Stats Color – Green

First time posting, Noticed there was a demand for the original boosted stats color in the HUD, few don’t seem to like the new faint yellow tint myself included. Decided to revert it to the original and post it up here for all to use. Currently works fine with patch 5.15, Any necessary feedback would be greatly appreciated .

Link To Wooxy File Here




    • Afraid not. The files that this mod changed have been moved by riot in an earlier patch to an inaccessible location. most likely a bat file, due to this change font types and color can no longer be changed/edited.


      • Too lazy to look at the moment before I go to sleep, but I can’t seem to find anything for the font color.

        As for the font type: lol_game_client / DATA / Fonts / FontMappings.txt

        The font they use for the stats, scoreboard, timer and etc. is BeaufortReg (and maybe BeaufortBold, I didn’t look into this or test it). After they state the name of the font, they have the font file after. Replacing the name of the font file will switch the font used (Basically it asks for font and you tell it to use a different one)

        TLDR Replace BeaufortforLOL-Regular.otf with GillSansMTPro-Medium.otf
        (I also replaced BeaufortforLOL-Bold.otf with GillSansMTPro-Medium.otf but again I’m not sure where the bold version was used in game).


    • Just need a little more detail, have you followed the following steps.

      1. download the file.
      2. open wooxy and click on skins.
      3. click and drag the file and drop it inside the skins window.
      4. you should see the HUD skin appear under the other tab, select it.
      5. click install at the bottom middle of the screen to install the file.


    • Also if you did all this and the game patched afterwards it may have removed the installed edit. you will have install the HUD file again.


  1. Wow great! What file did you edit? I’d like to include that in next Classic HUD update, of course will write about you.


      • Curious to know, where are the HUD graphic files stored? I’m assuming that’s what your editing to make the different HUD skins, nice work BTW.


        • Core HUD textures are located in Data/Menu/Textures, and in Data/Menu_S4/ you can find textures of Options/Shop/Surrender/Alertmsg windows. Just find files starting with Clarity_


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