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Raspberry Anivia

Hello everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚
Welcome to my first post!

This Anivia skin contains a new Anivia texture, particles, ingame icons and loading screen.
Don’t forget the file below is a Wooxy file, so you have to use Wooxy to install the skin.
How to install:

1.Download the file on Googledrive here.

2. Open Wooxy and go to “Skins”, then “Import skin”

3. Select “add a package” and choose the downloaded file.

4. Install the Skin.

I hope you like the skin! ๐Ÿ™‚

Feel free to give me a new skin suggestion or improvement suggestion in the comments.



  1. How much money do I have to pay you to make the Old Karma Model and Particles work again? I see your profile picture so I assume you are a fellow lover of Old Karma. Please, I beg you :c


    • Hey! I wasn’t here for a long time (some many comments now)… And indeed! I’m one HUGE fan of Karma (even made a subreddit)! I already had a custom skin of old Karma, but about a year ago my I lost all the files I had on my PC… whatsoever someone posted exactly what you want on youtube with download link, but it’s not working anymore… I probably could make it work again, but the file is .wxy file and I’d need all the files, not the .wxy package to change it.


      • Update: The Skin is now fully working; only the air client files are missing. If you are interested, simply response.


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