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Unholy Tahm Kench

unholy tahm banner

Like with Ekko that recieved dark-red themed recolor (Forsaken Ekko) I decided to do similar recolor for Tahm Kench. Basically this recolor is a little bit more than chroma-pack that contains only one tint but includes recolored particles. When doing this recolor I wanted to create something dark-purple-red themed like Void creatures (Void Fizz for example). Later I decided to keep his intelligent look with hat and clothes, fitting them with dark-purple theme. Nothing more to say, this is pretty simple recolor of his textures and particles. Check full article to see preview image and download links.

unholy tahm kench

How to install

  1. Download Wooxy
  2. Download Unholy Tahm Kench and unpack it
  3. In Wooxy go to Skins -> Import skin.
  4. Drag-n-drop unpacked wxy-file to window.
    Or just click on “Add package” button and select wxy-file.
  5. Select imported skin and Install it.


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