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Chinese Splash Arts V2

chinese loading screen
Hey Guys, PentaKing here. A couple of weeks ago I made a post for an Interface mod for the Chinese artwork. Even though it contained a lot of Chinese artworks, it wasn’t complete and mostly outdated. So hereby i present to you the updated chinese mod.

– 2015 Chinese Splash Arts.
– 2015 Chinese Loading Screens.
– Original Chinese Base Skins.
– Chinese Squares in Champions Page.
– Chinese Champion Circles on minimap in game.
– Does not contain the chinese splashes for in the shop when you want to buy a champion. when you click on the champion it will show the chinese artwork.

Note that this wxy file contains 1600 Images. this is 317 MB. So installing might take a bit longer than usual custom skins.

Try it out yourself. Hope you will enjoy it. Leave a comment down below to let me know what you think of the skin and if you have any ideas for new skins which you would like to see. Go to to see my other skins.

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Click here to go to Chinese Interface Splash Arts V3


  1. Download and open Wooxy.
  2. Inside Wooxy, go to Skins and drag and drop the Zip file you downloaded.
  3. Select the mod and click Install.

Since there are so many files in this mod, there might still be some errors in it. Reply in the comments below to let me know if you find any of these errors so i can fix them.



  1. I Made a new post (V3) for this mod which contains a reduced file size and Information to solve the missing file error with this mod (and more skins). follow the link in this post to V3.


  2. some of the skins didn’t work for me. i got a leona error while installing and some of the ones in the splash like nunu and cho didn’t work along with others.


    • just tested loading into a custom game with annie and the splash didn’t show up there but it showed up during champion select.


  3. Can you please make the classic garen skins and/or the old basic heimerdinger main champion model i rally liked them.


  4. Do you think that you can do something like this but with old splash-arts instead of chinese? 😉
    Really nice work tho. 😛
    (Sorry for my english btw. ^^)


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