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Original Twitch skins


Hi again! As I promised, here’s the original Twitch skins pack everyone have been waiting for. Make sure to read the entire article before installing it.



♦ Base/Kingpin/Whistler/Gangster/Medieval/Punk original skins
♦ Original in-game splash-arts (circles and squares included)
♦ Original animations (spells not included)
NEW Client original splash-art/square (beta)


♦ Author: Riot – brought back by Socr4te
♦ Tested on LoL version: 5.12
♦ Tested on Wooxy
♦ Skin version: BETA

Important informations:

– At the moment the mod is still in BETA, since there are a lot of modified files I might have missed some bugs. If you spot any glitch/bug, contact me in the comments and I’ll post a fix as soon as possible.

– I couldn’t bring back the spells; for some reasons even after changing every possible spell files, the game still loads the new ones.

– I know that some animations are shorter/longer than they should be and it causes a little bug. I’m trying to learn as fast as possible how to correctly fix the animation speed.


Original Twitch [NO SPELL]



  1. Ok so, I tested the skin right now.
    First that I noticed is that the Twitch is smaller than before( I think but it is probably ), I used Whistler Village Twitch( MK JOGO ) and used Original Harrowing map skin.
    The animations are shorter, and at the end of every animation Twitch freeze for a couple of seconds ( aprox. 2-3 ).
    I wish that u change the sound when he attacks ( to the old sound ), and spells.
    Im seeing it forward to. 😀 ( sorry for bad english ). Thanks for the skin btw, its awesome anyways.


  2. Can you please give us some information on what you’ll be releasing next? I hope you upload more videos soon. I get hyped every time you upload, so please upload something soon.


    • The beta map will most likely be the next thing I’ll be releasing. Sadly, right now I have to rework every single mod I uploaded because of Riot’s latest update. I might make a post to explain everything soon 🙂 feel free to contact me.


      • Awesome. Will there be any way to revive the old hud? I realize how difficult it will be, but I’ve seen old custom hud mods that rearranged the items and such, so I think it should be possible. 🙂


  3. any details on what your next skin will be? i noticed the teaser on your youtube, so i hope we see that released soon 😉 any other plans?


  4. Do you think you can update this by making him bigger, fixing his dance, his walk, and his ultimate animations? Those are what I really care about, and I really want to use this mod but it’s hard with the bugs. 😦


    • As I said, the skin is in a beta stage. I need to work with my colleague Chewy that knows a LOT more than me on those problems, but he’s gone for 2 weeks. So we’ll have to wait. I don’t know how to fix animations time even though I’m trying so hard to make it work. I’ll correct the ultimate animation and publish a fix anyway 🙂


  5. Hey, thanks a ton for your work.
    Could you also make an old eve model, with the old crab walk? Same for twitch’s old animations (the different walk)

    also one last thing i would appreaciate so so much (waiting for it for years, esp now since the new MF is coming) is the old miss fortune walk animation. Its much more elegant and shouldnt eb much work



  6. Every bug I’ve noticed whilst playing with the mod:
    1. One of Twitch’s idle animations is cut short
    2. Twitch’s standing still idle animation is cut short
    3. His dance is cut short
    4. His walk animation is cut short
    5. His ult bugs him out upon use
    6. Too small
    7. No spell effects (Hope you fix this one soon)
    8. Not a bug, but the recall would be better without him dancing (I know it was intentional)
    9. That’s about it

    But I like how you returned the old “X’ marks over the enemies heads. Good job though! I’ll use the all the time! 🙂


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