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Mystic Rift


Long time ago somewhere around Ice Rift release I wanted to create a special reskin for Summoner’s Rift. Why it’s called special? Because basically it’s not reskin, but more likely light and contrast redesign into night and magic style. But I didn’t wanted to make it just darker SR map, I wanted to create something inspired by dark, glowing and mysterious looking forests, like from Avatar (film) or Alice in Wonderland (remember Cheshire cat and place around him?). So, here it is… Mystic Rift.




In this map “reskin” you wont find new textures or models. All the textures are original from Summoner’s Rift map (the one that is Visual Update). Main change is brightness and light redesign. Everything that can glow or have light now is a lot more noticeable. Also turrets are like street light now with specific color depending on what side they’re placed. Nexus, Inhibitors and base walls are also a lot more noticeable in such darkened place. All the minions (Pool party and default ones) were darkened to fit with map theme, same with jungle characters, Baron and Dragon.

Whole map isn’t that dark, but it is darker than default SR. In some places you can see lunar light, like in some jungle places and at base. Sadly I can’t redesign every champion (thats a lot of work: all the champions plus their skins), i.e. his base look and every his skin to make it match with map brightness. So some champions may look very bright for such dark skin. At same time it adds some contrast clarity, allowing better differentiation between landscape and champion models and their spells.

General info

  • Authors:
    • Existor (glowing effects, testing)
    • Salwin (initial idea of night skin, early map brightness and contrast tuning)
  • Loading screen is also redesigned to fit new map style – preview.
  • Reskin size – 155 mb. Includes low and medium textures.
  • Artwork used for article banner and skin preview can be downloaded here.
  • Team colors. I highly recommend to turn off Relative Team colors because on this map skin top team is always colored with red while bottom team is always blue. To avoid color conflicts better to turn this option off.


  • Version 2 – 09.07.2015
    • Ground & Jungle texture noise have been reduced (with Smart/Surface Blur)
    • Ground & Jungle texture edges now are sharper
    • Added low and medium textures
  • Version 3 – 10.07.2015
    • Minimap is a bit brighter now (picture). Not too much because otherwise blue side minions and structures (towers and inhibitors) will be hard to see
  • Version 4 – 13.08.2015
  • Version 5 – 24.08.2015
    • Futher color, brightness and contrast adjustments across whole map textures (only ground ones)
      • River is darker and less saturated
      • Ground terrain is slighty sharper. This was done to compensate blurriness of ground texture from previous update
      • Stone rings around turrets have been adjusted to fit better with brightness around and with turret itself
      • Slighty more soft colors (closer to orange) around torches
    • Minimap is more clear (same type as patch 5.14)
    • Minimap tint changed to purple
    • Minimap can be downloaded as separate mod (for those who prefers to use Classic Minimap mod)
  • Version 6 – 30.08.2015
    • Minor texture fix at the right gate of blue (bottom) side.
  • Version 7 – 27.07.2016
    • Elemental dragons now fit map theme.
    • Rift Herald now fits map theme.
    • Some map icons (when creating Custom game and during old champ select) were redesigned to reflect winter theme of the map.


  1. If you don’t have Wooxy, get it
  2. Download Mystic Rift v7 // Mirror
  3. In Wooxy go to Skins collection.
  4. Drag-n-drop downloaded ZIP-file to Skins window.
  5. It will ask about installing skin. Just click yes!


  1. Hey i really like this map, probably the only skin i like of them all lol, can you please check the download link? it shows 404. please i really really want this one.


  2. Can you make the Old Summoner’s Rift Map Skin ? The one made by Chewy is bugged, and Chewy says that he stopped working in the map skins because he doesn’t have time. I’d really appreciate it =/


  3. as of patch 7.1 mid patch when i install this its just the loading screen background and the in-client image but in game its the original rift

    really hoping you get time to fixing it or it fixes itself i really like this mapskin


  4. Abi pcye format attım lol :/D Diskindeydi oyuna girdeğimde map duruyordu nasıl kaldırcağmı bilmiyorum woxy de de özükmüyor lütfen yardım edin


  5. Hey, is there any way to easily combine a scuttlecrab texture from another page on this site with this map? It wont let me use both of them at the same time on wooxy?


  6. Hi all, i have a problem.
    I don’t know if it’s about the skin or Wooxy but this skin remains installed even after LoL patches, and all my attempts to remove it are useless…
    i have tried to: delete it, reinstall wooxy, download a again the skin and many other things but nothing seems working.
    What should i do ? i can’t install other summoner’s rift skins right now because this one seems already installed but it isn’t..

    Please help and sorry for my bad english if i wrote something wrong 🙂


  7. Very nice job man, you do this freely for every one and your map skins are really cool, keep going, ggwp honored !


  8. For patch 6.9 there seems to be a diamond shape near the center of the map that just doesn’t want to cooperate with the skin. If you could, would you mind trying to find a fix for it? Please and Thank you! ❤

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    • Sorry, I have no plans and time on creating separate mods for jungle camps and minions. I know there is even section with new jungle/minions skins, but in my opinion, some map skins better stay as pack (i.e. winter minions on Frozen Rift). Maybe for future map skins I will do it separately.


      • It sucks that you’re not supporting your own, not very old project. What’s the point of releasing new content, if it’ll be quickly forgotten anyway…?


        • I support it, but I don’t have time right now (university). As I said in other comments, everything will be updated latert this summer


  10. This started happening today. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling, restarting my pc and it’s still like that in the middle of every lane..


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