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Blood Moon Bard Chroma Pack


Hello there, everyone! Today I will be uploading a slight change from my normal posts. I introduce to you my Blood Moon Bard Chroma Pack!

Usually I would like to stay clear of Chroma packs as they’re not much of a skin change (in my opinion). However! Since Blood Moon Bard was ‘bare’, I made these three Chromas on the side; And as requested, I am uploading them for you all to enjoy. So, Enjoy.


  • Three new ‘BMB’ champion colors.
  • New colored particles.
  • Same beautiful Meep babies.

There you have it! I hope you all enjoy this Chroma Pack, and feel free to let your friends know all about the man with the magic touch (sort of magic.. okay.. I use a computer program..).


Blood Moon Bard – Blue

Blood Moon Bard – Green

Blood Moon Bard – Gold

You can install using Wooxy.



  1. Ya could do some another Chromas for Bard, just Bard, cause this Blood Moon isnt so excellent. And i would approve so much for Chromas for Donger or Hazmat Donger c:


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