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Original Warwick skins


Some of you guys asked me to bring back the original Warwick skins, so here it is! Enjoy 🙂



♦ Original Warwick skins
♦ Original Splash-art (circle and square included)


♦ Author: Socr4te
♦ Tested on LoL version: 5.12
♦ Tested on Wooxy
♦ Skin version: V1


Original Warwick Skins



  1. Hey Socr4te, I love your work, I have installed most of your mods! 😀 But I am sad about the fact that this mod and the Original Karthus, Original Gankplank Skins etc. are incompatible with the Old Splash Arts mod. Can you tell me why this is and can you fix it? Also, I have a little request for you: Can you make a (working for 5.15) mod for the Season 2 hud, or Season 4 is also fine? If you can you’d be my hero! (Even though you are already my hero) Keep up the good work bro, it is appreciated! 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Miko (Strahssis, EUW)


    • Hey :). Before answering to any question, I need to thank you for your support! It really warms my heart to see that some people are truly enjoying what I am doing. The incompatibility between the “Old Splash Arts” mod and every other original skins mod is “caused” by Wooxy. Because the software detects two similar files (the splash-art included in the champion mod AND the one in the Old SA mod), it can’t install both of them at the same time. Chewy might be working an option that will let you the choice to decide whatever you want to install within my mod :]. I am indeed trying to make the old HUD work (If I can bring the s4 one back, then the s2 will work as well) but it seems some of the new HUD files are managed by the server, which is a huge issue for me. If you want to contact me, feel free to ask for my Skype or my League’s name :]. Best regards, Socr4te.


  2. Why did you replace the splash art, if he didn’t even have one to replace it? Now it doesn’t work with the old splash-arts, even though Warwick hasn’t had a new splash since 2009. Also, might you replace the other splash arts for this skin like grey Warwick?


    • It seems a .blnd file I forgot to delete in my splash-arts mod is causing the bug. I’ll update it anyway as it’s filled with bugs (I posted it as a beta, since there are a lot of splash-arts I needed feedbacks)


    • Don’t know if Marauder is buggy or not. It shouldn’t be since it has its own skn/skl files


  3. Did you already find out how to change the model size and the animation length?


  4. I posted this over o your original Gangplank skin, but I don’t think you saw it. I really want you to try and make this work. Sion was my favorite character 😦 :

    Could you please try to revive old Sion? It probably would be really hard, but you could slow down his old Critical animation for Sion’s new Q, His W is almost the same (If you could add old sound effects and effects I would be a happy person), Sion’s new E could be Sion’s old Q (Cryptic Gaze), and just make his ult have Sion running in his normal animation. Also, his new passive could make him have the effects of his old ult. Here’s what I’m referring to in case you want examples: (Also make sure his axe is always glowing like his old E would. ❤ 🙂
    PS: plz I'm begging you


    • I did see it, sorry for not responding back them. Bringing an old champion is a lot of work when it comes to replacing NEW 2014-2015 files. I already tried bringing back the original sion skins but I couldn’t manage to make it work without a bug :] I’ll keep trying, though.


  5. This is soo cool ! I kinda had a question do you by any chance have sona’s old models(just the skn and skl) i tried to see if a old custom skin worked on on sona and it did, so i would really like to get her old files to play like that XD


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