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Void Marked Tryndamere


Hello there everyone! Once again I am here to present to you my brand new skin: Void Marked Tryndamere.


  • Brand new ‘Void’ look
  • Brand new particles
  • New skill icons (Q, W, E, R)


This skin currently only works for the ‘Demonblade Tryndamere’ skin. Will provide an update when I have discovered a solution to the issue.

That being said. I hope you all enjoy using, or simply staring, at this new skin.


Demonblade Tryndamere



  1. Did you ever fix this skin for original or give up working on it? Great skin btw, looks good.


    • Oh, I completely forgot to get back to you. It’s not really possible atm, since my skills are limited.
      I also won’t be able to work on it, or anything, much as I’m studying.
      Sorry 😦


  2. Hi Yolo Hagrid I really like this Skin I know thats not good to ask for but can you try to make an Void Vladimir Skin with those Void Particles Trynda got on his Sword would perfectly fit to Vladimirs Blood he holds by Walking and also to his Abilitys and Attacks. Esspecially his W could be Vladimir sinking into a Black Hole. it would be pretty nice if you read this. Thanks for any Answer 😀 -Liam Chan.


    • Hey, thank you very much for the praise ^_^ I’m working on a couple of skins at the moment, but I’ll definitely get around to it.

      This Tryndamere skin has been my favourite to make so far, so it would be a pleasure to bring it to the base(original skin) as soon as possible.


    • That’s because, at the moment, it only works for the Demonblade skin.

      If it’s placed on the normal skin, it messes with his other skins and breaks them, still trying working around that.


  3. I love you man been searching for this since i started playing tryndamere …. thats 2 months ago you are the best Yolo Hagrid :3


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