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Beach Rift 2015


Hello! I worked hard the last two months to bring you this. Beach Rift is back for the new map.

Main features are:

  • Beautiful sand in lanes and bases (there is also a Full Sand version which covers the entire map in sand if you prefer).
  • Hand-crafted design of stone roads around the map creates a seamless transition between the beach areas and the jungle areas.
  • Coral Monsters, Custom Structures and Custom Minions.
  • Custom base design for each team. Even the stairs from each base were carefully crafted one by one.
  • Red seaweed in the mid-lane, tons of sea stars and seashells around the map.
  • Three versions included: Main Theme (hybrid), Night and Full Sand versions for you to enjoy. Check the gallery to see the differences between them.

The presentation has more features, screenshots and video:

Tested for 5.12 version.

Enjoy the Summer!



  1. Love the new map and good job. Do you think that the old harrowing map will be re-released during patch 5.12?


  2. Hello, I am a Taiwanese, I was wondering how of Legends used in our Taiwan League, your wooxy in Taiwan League of Legends folders can not be used, I would like you to put this map into winRaR, and tell me to place a shortcut, thank you.


  3. Please try if you can copy new PBE hud files to live servers and if it works upload it ;p
    Sorry for my very bad english im PL


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