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Original Gangplank Skins

Hi guys ! If you read the title, you probably got it already : Socr4te is back, and with a new “original skins” pack ! THIS TIME, our dear pirate Gangplank aka the Saltwater scourge has been chosen ! Oh, and if you are brave enough to read the article to the end, you might get a little surprise as a reward for your “courage”.

Screenshot :

Features :

  • Original Gangplank skins (Base, ghost and minute-man)
  • Original taunts/animations
  • Original splash-arts (circles and squares included)


  • Author: Socr4te
  • Tested on LoL version: 5.11
  • Tested on Wooxy
  • Skin version: V1

Important details :

  • Base/Ghost/Minute-man gangplank have been tested and are working like a charm. However, the other ones might be bugged since I couldn’t test them. If you have any information about them, find me in the comments down below !
  • Since I’m working on a LOT of things at the same time, you might want to consult my private wordpress (approved by the Mapskins community of course :D) : I update it daily with stuff you might be interested in (for example : which skin should I be working on next ?), so here it is :ย My wordpress (Socr4te’s work)

Download :

Due to Riot’s latest update, Gangplank original skins aren’t working anymore.

And here comes the surprise :



  1. Hey man, I have a custom Olaf skin and I am in the process of making custom sounds for him. Would you be kind enough to help me mod them for the game? As in, what type of file, what should they be called etc. Add me on the game: EUWest Mundonator.

    Would be GREATLY appreciated.. I’m in a pickle.


  2. Hello, firstly i really admire your work. Keep going! And also, as a blood born Rengar man i have an idea for a new skin. A rengar custom skin with Green particels and green theme


      • Heleriono: I might do it, but I’m working on something bigger right now and I absolutely need to finish it before bringing back any more original skin ๐Ÿ™‚
        And about Gangplank… Yeah, I’ll have to redo everything. I’ll probably delete this post and publish a new one with the original skins from 2011 and the ones who got just updated.


  3. Could you please try to revive old Sion? It probably would be really hard, but you could slow down his old Critical animation for Sion’s new Q, His W is almost the same (If you could add old sound effects and effects I would be a happy person), Sion’s new E could be Sion’s old Q (Cryptic Gaze), and just make his ult have Sion running in his normal animation. Also, his new passive could make him have the effects of his old ult. Here’s what I’m referring to in case you want examples: (Also make sure his axe is always glowing like his old E would. โค ๐Ÿ™‚
    PS: plz I'm begging you


  4. Christ Socr4te, is there anything you can’t do? xD
    If you don’t mind me asking, are you going to do any old champion textures too? I was playing around with some Leona on the Season 2 map yesterday, and she looked a bit strange without her overly shiny armour! ๐Ÿ˜›


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